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The industry’s leading Cannabis Labor Staffing Agency

The Growers Choice Staffing specializes in professional trimming and temporary workforce labor solutions operating throughout California. 

We offer a wide range of services from pre-grow general labor, gardening & harvest help, to providing a staff of experienced professional trimmers to perform the final quality trimming of your harvests. We understand  that trimming can be the most costly, stressful, and integral part of the cannabis cultivation process.  We offer safe, efficient, and cost effective solutions to all growers of cannabis. 

Why Us?

The Growers Choice understands your frustrations of maintaining a professional, reliable harvesting staff. Headaches such as recruiting, interviewing, hiring, firing, training, turnover, unemployment, scheduling, workman's compensartion and taxes all seem to weigh you down when you're trying to be compliant in the California Marijuana industry. We fully understand that trimming can be a labor-intensive task, especially when deadlines are around the corner and profitability is at stake. 

Hiring extra labor for trimming and harvesting can prove difficult if you don't already have the staff. And if you do hire people for the job, what do you do with the trimmers when the job is over and you’re waiting for the next harvest?  Growers Choice works with indoor and outdoor cultivators throughout California to keep our labor force busy all year.  Our labor force is available to help you with every step of the cultivation process.

How we operate

Trimming Services - We provide  growers with a professional, quality hand manicure. We trim your cured marijuana harvest on-site, delivering your neatly finished product in record time. Trimming is the last step of your harvest process. The difference between a professional trim job can ultimately determine the desirability and profitability of your product. It is our belief and policy that trimming cannabis dry is the best way to maintain the quality that you’ve produced and desire to maintain.  We trim by hand, our experienced trimmers use careful technique taking the fragility of your flowers into account. It is our goal to bring out the best in your product.

Pricing options include appropriate equipment, tools and technicians. In following with California compliance regulations all trimmings and stems will be returned to you in provided containers. We use earth-friendly, food safe cleaning products, and all equipment is fully sanitized between jobs to prevent cross-contamination.

The right team, and compliant processes can make the difference between a good and great yield.



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We cater to both Medical and Recreational cannabis growers. Wether you are a recreational marijuana grower or grow under the Cal-Cannabis as a Licensee, as a subcontractor Growers Choice Staffing is licensed and permitted to come to your facility Or location. We work on permitted grow sites, and we abide by all applicable rules and regulations established by Cal-Cannabis.  Feel free to contact us to see how we can better serve your needs!

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